NARCOMEY is a Indigenous/Chicano cartoonist, and illustrator. Raised on the mean streets of Corona, California. Here nestled in the womb of the Inland Empire NARCOMEY began his disent into cartooning.  Getting serious about it in 2008 he landed himself a creative director spot at High Tower Comics. There NARCOMEY was able to indulge his growing cartooning mania and produce, edit, create, write, and cartoon the comic books: Ghostface, Smart Bullets, Spookville: The Bone Jangles Cases, and Jungle Jive. Unfortunately High Tower fell. Resilient NARCOMEY opened Draw Hard Studios and cartooned all over Dust: Whithered Earth created and written by James Ninness, Forbidden Tales Horror Anthology, the successfully Kickstarted horror anthology In Sanity, AZ, and numerous commissions. Currently NARCOMEY is publishing NARCOMEY ZINE, CHOLO LIBRE: THE 24 HOUR TRILOGY, DEISEL PUNK, with many works forthcoming.